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“Cybersecurity” isn’t just about making sure your computer system is secure from intrusions. Most cyber security services only have information security as one of their three pillars. The other two are data security and data privacy (find more at

Even if you’re a single user who does not need cybersecurity, there are pros and cons to doing so.

Applying Data Science to Cybersecurity Network Attacks & Events | by Aakash  Sharma | Towards Data Science

Many people do not know that companies, including small businesses and independent small businesses, are responsible for managing their own networks. Although they are not usually obligated to do so, they do have to work closely with information technology personnel to understand their network security posture and to implement security measures to better protect their valuable information and data.

Generally, these security procedures are outlined by IT departments or assigned to security team leaders.

While these security practices would be best if implemented as part of a project’s development, since most companies are small in size, they can be implemented by the IT department without proper infrastructure and technical knowledge.

Of course, it is also possible for someone to discover security issues outside of the regular security project. However, it is unlikely that these will be something that can be fixed without a little bit of knowledge on how to patch security holes.

These reasons make it essential for your small to medium-sized business to put a priority on cybersecurity.

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It is better to have a set of procedures and security standards than to not have any at all.

More important than having these basic procedures in place are the organizational procedures that provide confidence that no one will sabotage your project.

According to a report published by Avi Lev-Ram, founder and CEO of Blue Coat,

“More than three-quarters of enterprise cyber attacks originate from the threat actor’s organization. Sixty-eight percent of organizations that were subjected to the most sustained and organized cyber attacks were operating with an organizational cyber security program in place.”

An effective cybersecurity program should not just recognize the threat, but analyze it in order to know what’s happening and where it’s happening.

A secure, comprehensive program provides organizations the means to protect information, while leaving room for error when necessary.

But regardless of how you build it, a cybersecurity program is crucial.

You need to build and establish a security program that allows for regular monitoring of your network and establishing appropriate procedures for when an attack is detected.

In addition, you should take care of any gaps that could allow hackers to infiltrate your company’s network. Otherwise, you risk facing tremendous expenses and ultimately, losing business because of compromised data.

Even if your website is secured, it’s important to know that you may have a security breach or an unintended incident. Cybercriminals can use any web application to steal private information, malware, or data from it.

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