Network attacks

Network attacks are often caused by direct or indirect interaction of humans and IoT devices in the network. Without adequate security procedures, it can be difficult to prevent the hack attacks that use malicious applications, so if you don’t know already, make sure to answer the question of “what is malware?” and how it can affect you.

Importance of Network Support for Computer Network Security | Remote  Utilities

For example, without application level security measures in place, the video recording application on a smart TV can be exploited to gain access to a smart TV user’s personal account. Or, an application using an MITM attack, such as a Ping function, can gain access to the TV user’s screen or make a voice call.
Even a bot that might be operated from another network can cause problems. If you’re having a problem with your network, Treasure Valley IT offers help desk services in Boise, ID so you can consult them.

Security Awareness Programme for the Media

Security awareness campaigns on traditional media channels are not helping in the fight against hackers and electronic warfare. Many media organisations use repetitively specific computer protocols or network protocols to deliver alerts and provide coverage. The news, for example, is about cybersecurity and threats from hackers and cyber warfare, but there is little preparation in place for such events.

New media such as digital media are constantly being introduced. New media are also growing rapidly. Online media and smart phones are more popular than old media with youth. Mobile and digital media is changing the way the news is delivered. So, new media will have to be used effectively in response. The security awareness programmes will help media organisations build up their security awareness and community knowledge.

The second step is to tackle the social media campaign. Social media has created a platform for sharing content. Every hack is being tweeted, blogged, or shared by users. Every time you click on a malicious link you are also sharing the threat with your friends and colleagues. Sharing is a good way of spreading threat and awareness.

Social media will also allow the media to have a direct influence on the outcome of these events. Knowing how to recognize attack methods, and how to apply security measures will greatly reduce the odds of your network being attacked.

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