Nod –> VM or phisical Machine Pod –> smallest component (one container per pod usually, but can be more) each pod gets an IP (internal, dynamic – K8s virt.net) Service –> Fix IP for Pod (internal or external) act as loadbalancer also, use less busy nod Ingress –> Entry point

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Docker CLI

docker pull <image_name> pulls image from repo docker run image_name:9.6 download and run with spec.version, run creates container from image. start just start it docker ps list all runninig containers docker images list all mages docker run -d <image_name> run in detached mode (background) docker stop <container-ID> stops container docker

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OpenVPN server (debian,ubuntu,kali) + IOS13 client

/etc/openvpn/vars content Initialize PKI Build the CA without a password Generate the server key Sign the server certificate Build a Diffie-Hellman key exchange Generate a HMAC signature Copy all the certificate and key to the /etc/openvpn Generate Client certificate Sign Client certificate Copy client certificate and key to /etc/openvpn/client/ /etc/openvpn/server.conf

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OpenVPN server on Mikrotik with IOS13 client

Mikrotik OS6.47 Generate a Self-Signed CA certificate Generate a certificate for the vpn server (mikrotik router), sign it and trust it. Generate a certificate for the vpn client (ipad or phone) and sign it. Export CA certificate Export client certificate to pcks12 file type (required for ios) Exported client key

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nmap scanning commands

-sP find live hosts on subnet (PING) -sT -p 80,445,8080 find open tcp ports -sU -p 500,4500 udp port scan -sS -p 80,445,22 stealthy port scan (SYN) -O OS detection -A OS detect, ver.detect, traceroute -sS -D Decoy –script vuln 192,170.34.90 vulnerability

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OpenSSL – ssh to legacy systems

Unable to negotiate with port 22: no matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-dss This fix all SSH login negotiation errors by adding all outdated alogorithams. (there are reasons why this protocols are removed. Use it with caution and DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION)

Install backtrack 3 on hdd with dual boot

Scenario with very old laptop Compaq Armada m700 What is the point of using 2008 distro in 2020? No point, just nothing else works with this particular laptop. Compaq Armada m700, (20 years old laptop), 448MB ram, 160gb hdd, builtin USB 1.1, PCMCIA card USB 2.0, PCMCIA wireless card Netgear

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Kali Linux 2020 unable to boot after install

If you have more then one drive in your computer with more then one OS you can finish with this: At this point you can try to locate kali partition and set root and prefix and try to boot… Even if you find the right .mod to boot, it doesn’t

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Raspberry PI Torrent BOX with Transmission

Always update your PI before doing anything else Install transmission Change default directories where torrents will be stored (default one is hard to find) Change directories, username, password and IP whitelist in transmission settings file Restart transmission to apply the changes Stop transmission deamon and change user and permissions Change

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DDNS – ddclient on Raspberry Pi

Check your public IP curl ip.changeip.com Register free domain on changeip.com and point it to your public IP Check that your new domain points to your public IP nslookup your_new_domain.com Install ddclient sudo apt-get install ddclient Conf file /etc/ddclient.conf # Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf## /etc/ddclient.confssl=yesprotocol=changeip# How

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CUPS + AirPrint on Raspberry PI

Install CUPS and Enable Remote Access Add Pi user to lpadmin group Enable Remote Access /etc/cups/cupsd.conf Comment out Listen localhost:631 and add Port 631 then Allow access Restart CUPS Now you are able to access remotely x.x.x.x:631 and add the printer Install AirPrint Make your old printer AirPrint capable   Add those files

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Vim Commands

V       – selects entire lines v       – selects range of text ctrl-v  – selects columns gv      – reselect block   Text Entry Commands (Used to start text entry)   a  Append text following current cursor position A  Append text to the end of current line i   Insert text before

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Ping UDP/TCP Port

Ping UDP port: nmap -sU -p port target nping –udp -p port target hping3 -S –udp -p port target Ping TCP port: nmap -p port target nping –tcp -p port target hping3 -S -p port target

L2TP + IPsec VPN server on Raspberry Pi (IOS 10 support)

First at all, what is Raspbery Pi? It is super small computer (credit card size) running on version of Debian linux called Raspbian. It is ideal for home server, and control of your home devices such as cameras, printers,etc… In case your provider gave you the router without VPN support

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